How to become a Wuzzi Alert partner?

Wuzzi Alert is originally developed by 120 users, their family, neighbours and care professionals. Because of that Wuzzi Alert is easy to use and affordable.

Besides that no installation is needed and the Wuzzi Alert service is ready to use when received. The Wuzzi Alert user is always and everywhere safe.

With one push on the button the user has contact with his family, neighbours, friends, the Wuzzi Alert alarm centre or care organisation, always and everywhere. The position is known and they can speak to each other.

We are currently working with the following partners:

1. Retail chains and independent stores;
2. Welfare organisations and city councils;
3. Care organisations and independent professionals;
4. Ergo therapists;
5. Branch organisations.

Is mobile alarm Wuzzi Alert a great addition to your portfolio, do you have interest in the possibilities to become a Wuzzi Alert partner or do you want to know more about mobile alarm Wuzzi Alert?

Please do not hesitate to contact us via email or call us on: +31 (0) 88 – 800 77 88.